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DMS School Supplies

Decker Middle School is an AVID National Demonstration School.  We regularly exhibit a college readiness system that is evident across the campus through rigor and high expectations for all students. This means that we teach academic survival skills, strategies, and habits to help prepare students for college and career readiness across the entire campus. At the beginning of the year, each student will receive the following organizational tools:

-3 ring binder

-set of dividers


Each teachers will grade the organization of the binder as a whole, and also inspect their class specific section of the binder to see that all assignments are behind the proper tab, and anything else their class requires.  In addition to the items we provide, our students need the following supplies:

-at least 12 #2 pencils

-pack of red pens

-pack of dry erase markers

-pack of highlighters

-5 composition books

-3 packs of wide ruled lined paper

-pencil pouch with three holes to fit in the binder


-a box of kleenex  (only shared item)