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MISD Middle School Students Awarded in Several Categories at UIL Academics Meet

Manor ISD Middle School Students came back with several awards at the University Interscholastic League's Academic Meet at Farley Middle School in Hutto over the weekend.

Oral Reading- 6th Grade:

Sophia Guerrero, DMS, 5th place

Ready Writing-6th Grade

Abigail Caranza, MNTMS, 3rd place

Art History-6th Grade

Javier Carvajal, DMS, 4th Place Tie

Chess Puzzles-6th Grade

Steven Nguyen, MNTMS, 6th place tie

Carlos Mendez, MNTMS, 2nd place

Dictionary Skills-6th Grade

Rosie Flores, DMS, 6th place

Maps, Graphs, & Charts-6th Grade

Fancis Gentile, MNTMS, 4th place tie

Mathematics-6th Grade

Johnique Thomas, MNTMS, 6th place

Number Sense-6th Grade

Caelen Larson, MNTMS, 4th place

Spelling-6th Grade

Johnique Thomas, MNTMS, 5th place

Nicholas Dominquez, MNTMS, 3rd place

Miscellaneous Art-6th Grade

Maria Mata, DMS, 5th place

Ready Writing-8th Grade

Karylle Pernito, DMS, 5th place

Jackson Williams, MNTMS, 2nd place

Editorial Writing-8th Grade

Karylle Pernito, DMS, 1st place

Art History-8th Grade

Jesiah Perez, MMS, 4th place

Clelian Araujo, MMS, 2nd place

Dictionary Skills-8th Grade

Sombo Vol, DMS, 2nd place

Listening Skills-8th Grade

Alicia Mendoza, DMS, 3rd place

Mathematics-8th Grade

Alex Hinojosa, MMS, 5th place

Number Sense-7th Grade

Lidia Guttierrez, MNTMS, 1st place

Social Studies-8th Grade

Ashley Roberts, MNTMS, 3rd place

Spelling-8th Grade

Alicia Mendroza, DMS, 2nd place

Karylle Pernito, DMS, 1st place

Drawing-8th Grade

Somboduorng Vol, DMS, 4th place

Painting-7th Grade

Angel Nguyen, DMS, 1st place

Painting-8th Grade

Noah Enriquez, DMS, 5th place

3D Art-7th Grade

Cyrus Boyer, DMS, 4th place

April Castro, DMS, 3rd place

Julianna Cannon, DMS, 2nd place

3D Art-8th Grade

Somboduorng Vol, DMS, 2nd place

Noah Enriguez, DMS, 1st place

Miscellaneous Art-7th Grade

Julianna Cannon, DMS, 4th place

April Castro, DMS, 3rd place

Grisselle Rodriguez, DMS, 2nd place

Miscellaneous Art-8th Grade

Steven Velasco, DMS, 6th place

Nancy Perez, DMS, 5th place

Noah Enriquez, DMS, 3rd place

Congratulations to all of our students who placed! 

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