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Decker 8th Grade Girls Win District

The Decker Ravens recently competed in the district track meet and came out on top.  The 8th grade girls took 1st place overall to become the district champs.


Meet Results:


100 M Dash

Norvona Cook - 2nd place

De'asjah McMillian - 6th place


200 M Dash

Ke'aja Mathis - 4th place

Leana Ledesma - 6th place


400 M Dash

Royal Williams - 1st place

Christian Thomas - 8th place


800 M Run

Victory Ifah - 1st place


1600 M Run

Emily Jaimes - 1st place


2400 M Run

Emily Jaimes - 1st place


100 M Hurdles

Te'ashia James - 3rd place

Toreonna Goss - 8th place


300 M Hurdles

Zulyca Subbillaha - 7th place

Juliana Jaramillo - 9th place

Te'ashia James - 11th place



1st place                                       1st place                                           2nd place

4x100 M Relay                              4x200 M Relay                                4x400 M Relay

Norvona Crook                             Norvona Crook                                  Victory Ifah

Victory Ifah                                   Ke'aja Mathis                                 Leana Ledesma

Ke'aja Mathis                               Leana Ledesma                               Royal Williams

De'asjah McMillian                       De'asjah McMillian                           Christian Thomas


Long Jump

Norvona Crook - 1st place

De'asjah McMillian - 4th place

Ke'aja Mathis - 5th place


Shot  Put

Amya Means - 3rd place

Sha'myra Cleveland - 4th place



Sha'myra Cleveland - 2nd place


Triple Jump

De'asjah McMillian - 3rd place

Ke'aja Mathis - 4th place


High Jump

Victory Ifah - 1st place

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