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Claim Your Destiny visits The University of Texas

On Thursday, February 23rd, while walking through the campus of The University of Texas, students were able to experience a true college day.  The students attended a black history class taught by AADS department chair Ted Gordon, who visited DMS earlier this year. The kids were highly attentive and asked great questions. Some sat in the front row taking notes in a huge lecture hall as 2x NFL champ Aaron Ross was a student in the class, and embraced them after the class. Our students got great insight from a lot of students they were in awe of. 

The Claim Your Destiny Youth Leadership Program meets weekly and has been a positive motivator to our students.


  • This program helps to improve the performance of students committed to program
  • This program helps prevent youth from dropping out, getting involved in gangs or incarcerated within the prison system.
  • We accomplish these goals through weekly meetings that cover the lessons discussed previously, weekly group work, presentations and positive reinforcement.
  • There is a graduation celebration celebrating the hard work and efforts of the youth who have completed the program.


The Claim Your Destiny Youth Leadership Program has achieved the following:

  • Impacted hundreds of youth across the Central Texas Area
  • Improved school performance, group work and presentation skills of participants involved
  • Improved self-esteem and self-awareness of participants involved
  • Received high praise from participants, parents, teachers, visitors and program coordinators
  • Improved the amount of community involvement of participants involved
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