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Decker Middle School Partners with Austin Energy to Launch Energy All-Stars

Austin Energy All-Stars is a pilot project currently being launched with Decker Middle School, and possibly additional schools. It is geared towards sixth graders. The program will launch during Decker Middle School's House Meeting February 17 at 8 a.m.

 Our goals for this program are to:

-Instill awareness and knowledge of energy efficiency directly tied to relevant TEKS standards with hands-on experience for the students.

-Introduce the students' parents and school staff to Austin Energy's energy efficiency offerings.

-Create an opportunity for parents to become more actively involved in their children's learning.

 With the assistance of our vendor, Resource Action Programs, AE will furnish these components to each school at no cost:

-The distribution of student energy conservation kits—including an LED bulb, a multi-outlet smart strip, and a refrigerator/freezer thermometer—to each 6th grade student, to be taken home so that the components can be installed with the assistance of their parents/guardians.

-Integrated teacher/classroom curriculum with educational activities geared specifically to the energy-saving kits and to the relevant Energy Unit TEKS standards for sixth graders. This curriculum is typically taught during portions of a science class for a one or two-week period.

-One Energy Investigation Kit per classroom, containing an infrared camera, an energy usage/cost measuring tool, a solar car model kit and a wired board for comparing types of light bulbs. This kit will be left with the school for any desired future use.

-The provision of training and support for the teachers.

 For more information, contact Jim Clark at or 512-482-5236.

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